segunda-feira, 16 de junho de 2008

WL3 para Windows Home Server

Querem controlar a vossa casa com o vosso iPhone 3G (ou qualquer outro smartphone)?

Então talvez este WL3, um addon para o Windows Home Server vos interesse.
HAI Introduces WL3 for Windows® Home Server; a Cool New Way to Access and Control All of Your Home Functions - WL3 allows you to change your home’s temperatures, adjust the lights or security settings, or view any supported camera securely and easily. WL3 automatically configures supported UPnP IP cameras on your home network and allows you to manually configure other IP cameras on your network or cameras that reside anywhere on the Internet. It also allows you to view and record video from cameras in your home or from public IP cameras around town, such as traffic and weather cameras. Regardless of the brand of camera, the video is displayed in the WL3 format so that all camera feeds have a consistent look and feel. Easily select any camera, choose the frame rate and screen size, manually start and stop video recording, take a snapshot of the video image, and play, pause, or stop the video stream
Pode ser a desculpa que precisavam para justificar a compra de um iPhone 3G lá por casa. ;)

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